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Walt, Just wanted to say thanks. Your products were a snap to install. After many high dollar repairs from injecter pumps to lift pumps your FSD Heat-sync kit cured this Problem. No down time or half truths from the repair shop. About 30 mins to...
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From: Mark F.
Walt and company did an excellent job. I order several products and all arrived in a timely matter. Especially the PMD. Truck quite running on a Wednesday and low and behold Wednesday afternoon my products arrived. Installed the PMD cooler in less than...
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From: Randy B.
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6.5 Diesel Maintenance - Keep Your Diesel Running Long and Strong!

ENGINE OIL: Every 3000 miles religiously, even if a synthetic is used (due to diesel soot). I recommend Shell Rotella-T 15w40 year round (p/n ssd-1540 or ssd-5W40)

ENGINE OIL FILTER: Every oil change. I recommend our SSDiesel ssd-2310 Performance Filter for best soot control over any other brand.

FUEL FILTER: Change element every 6,000 miles or once every 6 months. I recommend using our Super Duty Filter ssd-1201 for correct water separation. Its pre-attached ring makes replacing it easy and eliminates leaks! Drain moisture/sediment (one pint) using the tee handled draincock located near the thermostat housing every 2 weeks in winter, otherwise monthly is ok.

CDR VALVE: Replace every 30,000 miles. I recommend our p/n ssd-706

INJECTORS: Replace every 100,000 miles. I recommend our Marine Injectors ssd-9311 for more hp and better mileage

GLOW PLUGS: Replace every 100,000 miles. I recommend our ssd-008 Instant Heat Plugs for most applications (except military)

GLOW PLUG RELAY/CONTROLLER: Replace with new glow plugs every 100K miles. p/n ssd-1005 for 93 and earlier 6.5's, p/n ssd-1006 for all 94 and newer C/K Trucks.

INJECTION PUMP: Average life (electronic or mechanical) 150,000 miles I recommend our ssd-5521 or ssd-5068

FUEL TREATMENT: A MUST with the new ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) Fuel now sold at every gas station in North America. I recommend our K100-D with lubricity additive to replace the lubricating properties eliminated by the sulphur. Our K100D is the only treatment that ELIMINATES water in your fuel. Others just separate. Unless a good additive is used in EVERY tankful, you will experience shorter injection pump and injector life.

FUEL PRESSURE: Check routinely, should be 3-5 psi at all times. Low or no supply pressure will create stalling, hesitation and injection pump damage. Replace the supply pump ssd-045 and OPS switch ssd-011 as a pair.

HARMONIC BALANCER(s): Replace at 100,000 mile intervals.

ANTIFREEZE: Replace every 24,000 or every 2 years. I recommend std green fluid mixed 50/50 and a bottle of Redline's "Water Wetter" to the mix

RADIATOR: Aluminum radiators last 10 years average if the coolant is replaced every 2 years. Much less life if not. Aluminum rads cannot be "boiled-out" successfully like the old copper rads, they are throw aways. Corrosion builds up inside the tubes and acts like a blanket is over the rad, and we all know overheating kills diesels.

INTAKE MANIFOLD: I recommend removing the upper intake plenum every 30K miles and clean and inspect for heavy gunk build-up. If other then a light film of oil, you may have bad turbo bearings or a neglected CDR valve. If the CDR has been replaced at the proper intervals, then replace the turbo as failure is imminent. If you see a heavy build-up in the lower section, it must be removed and cleaned also. If no automotive degreaser available, I find a can of spray "oven-cleaner" works great.

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