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I would like to thank walt i am a service manager for a buick dealer ship and have many contacts in the automtive industrie i had talked to a few shop about the 6.5td and none anything to help me with upgrades till I found ssdiesel supply websight and...
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From: Matt
Well I replaced the rusted fuel sender and the fuel tank which was also rusted, the fuel lines I can see will be a future project. I put 168 miles on the truck without a miss, with the new injectors and no cat the thing flys from 60 mph up, mileage is...
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From: David A.
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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  Diesel Fuel Injection  >  Stepper Motor for DS4 Injection Pumps

Stepper Motor for all DS4 Injection pumps, on all 6.5TD's 94+, all model vehicles

Stepper Motor for DS4 Injection Pumps

Stepper Motor for DS4 Injection Pumps

Model: ssd-407 $185.93 $179.99
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Stepper Motor for all DS4 electronic Injection Pumps 94+, all model vehicles, turbo and non-turbo. (not for use with mechanical injection pumps)

The Stepper Motor is what controls injection timing based on what the computer (ECM) is set to, and telling it to do. It is external to the pump, and can be easily changed without removing the pump from the truck.

The stepper motor is at fault if you are tripping codes 34 or P0216.

If you are tripping this code and the injection pump was just replaced with a new or reman, then it was not locked down in the proper location and the stepper motor is out of range where it can correct timing. In that case please read our FAQ section for details.

Stepper Motor for DS4 Injection Pumps


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