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My 95 K2500 pickup had lost fuel mileage and was pretty 'crackly'. It also was starting to knock occasionally on cold start. Walt confidently suggested the new injectors, and I opted for the misers. My mileage has gone from 16mpg, combined driving, to...
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From: Bill
I have only owned my 97 3/4 k truck for about 4 months. The day i bought it i went about 15 miles and it died, started and died. Never owning or even touching a diesel before in my life i was confused. After 3 shops and several friends i found your site...
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From: edison
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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  Tools  >  Vacuum Gauge/Fuel Pressure Test Set

Vacuum Gauge/Fuel Pressure Test Set for all 6.5's

Vacuum Gauge/Fuel Pressure Test Set

Vacuum Gauge/Fuel Pressure Test Set

Model: ssd-242 $21.99
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Vacuum Gauge/Fuel Pressure Test Set. Includes gauge, hose and end fitting to test any size hose.

A must-have for all 6.5 owners. So simple even non-mechanics can use easily.

We often suggest checking vacuum at the turbo wastegate or vacuum pump during a diagnosis and this tool will do just that. It also can test your fuel supply pressure by just plugging in the adaptor to your fuel/water drain hose coming from the tee handle petcock near the thermostat housing and opening the petcock valve at idle.

Vacuum at the turbo wastegate actuator should be 15" at idle +/- 2". If low or high, replace the wastegate solenoid valve ssd-227/255. Also check vacuum at the vacuum pump. It should be 20+" of vacuum at idle, if not replace the pump ssd-6549/9209.

Fuel pressure must be 3-5psi idle thru full rpm. If not, replace the supply/lift pump ssd-045 AND the OPS switch which controls it, ssd-011, at the same time.


  • Test for fuel line pressure and vacuum control problems.
  • Tester is equipped with an easy-to-read gauge with a 3` hose and a vacuum hose adapter fitting.
  • Gauge measures vacuum from 0 to 28" Hg in 1" increments (0 to 700mm Hg in 50mm increments).
  • It also measures fuel pressure from 0 to 15 psi in 1/2 psi increments (0 to 1kg/cm� in 0.1 kg/cm� increments).
Vacuum Gauge/Fuel Pressure Test Set


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