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The installation was very simple. The instructions worked as written. I choose to remover the intake plenum from the turbo. It allowed me to see the injector pump and FSD and to get my fingers on the wiring harness. My wires needed a little coaxing...
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From: Mark F.
I have had one of the SSDiesel air intakes on my diesel suburban for almost 10 years. I needed a filter replacement due to a damaged filter. I contacted Walt and, although the filter was way out of warranty (new ones are warranted for a million miles...
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From: Greg B.
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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  Cooling System Upgrades & Components  >  6.5 TD HD Radiator 92-93 C/K Trucks

6.5TD HD Radiator for all 92-93 C/K pick-ups, suburbans and tahoes. Automatic or Standard Transmission, with remote engine oil cooler.

6.5 TD HD Radiator 92-93 C/K Trucks

6.5 TD HD Radiator 92-93 C/K Trucks

Model: ssd-1364D $449.99
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HD Radiator for all 1992-93 C/K Pick-up trucks, suburbans and tahoes equipped with the 6.5TD engine and remote oil cooler. For Automatic or Standard Transmissions.

Today's high efficient radiators are made of aluminum which is a superior metal for heat transfer over the old copper cores, no question. Only problem is they tend to corrode internally if neglected. If you change your antifreeze every 2 years, they will last a long time. But if you skip maintenance, they corrode easily and loose efficiency. They cannot be "boiled out" and cleaned like the old copper rads. Average radiator life is 10 years.

If you are experiencing overheating and you already have upgraded your cooling system with our upgrade kit ssd-004 and fan upgrade ssd-002, and still experience overheating, replace your radiator. Overheating is the number ONE cause of diesel engine failure. A radiator is cheap insurance.

6.5 TD HD Radiator 92-93 C/K Trucks


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