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Hi I just wanted to say that your INSTANT-HEAT Glow Plugs you sell are the BOMB and I highly recommend them. I had hard starting on cool mornings 45-F degrees and had to plug in my truck for a hour or so. After pluging truck in I noticed truck would smoke...
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From: Timothy B.
I am so glad i found your site. I was having truble finding any thing but exahaust kits for my new truck. Your site is amazing. I had no idea there was so much I could do to make the 6.5 a little stronger. Thankyou Edgar
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From: Edgar
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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  Tools  >  Torque (wrench) Driver for the FSD Heat Sync

Torque (wrench) Driver calibrated to 22.1 in/lbs for use with our FSD Heat Sync and FSD Heat Sync II, all models.

Torque (wrench) Driver for the FSD Heat Sync

Torque (wrench) Driver for the FSD Heat Sync

Model: ssd-9116 $93.72 $89.99
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Torque Driver calibtated for 22.1 in/lbs for use with our FSD Heat Sync and FSD Heat Sync II, all models.

Everyone knows the key to PMD longevity on our FSD Heat Sync (or any brand remote cooler) is keeping the grade "8" PMD screws extremely tight. 22-23 in/lbs is the requirement to produce the necessary clamping pressure between PMD and Heat Sync for heat transfer to take place. If left loose, the PMD will overheat and may fail prematurely. Its not so much the screws are backing out, so thread locker won't work. It's the screw heads eventually sinking into the plastic body of the PMD, releasing the clamping pressure.

This tool is factory calibrated to keep them at optimum torque. Nothing else is needed as we include a torque blade with 7/64" hex tip as pictured. It works just like a larger torque wrench, when 22.1 in/lbs is achieved, it will ratchet to prevent over-torque. Just turn until you hear and feel the click, and proper torque is achieved. Eliminate guesswork!

Keep them torqued for long life! 



Torque (wrench) Driver for the FSD Heat Sync


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