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First I would like to say customer service is flawless. Looking forward to ordering more parts in the future. I received the marine injectors a day earlier than quoted. I just installed them in about a hour and half. The injector kit and addition injector...
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From: Ricky A.
just wanted to say thanks for your help and service. my pmd and injection pump went out while on vacation in florida. i was 10 hours from home. all i had to do was call and you took care of me. your customer service is unmatched. you have all my business...
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From: harold b.
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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  Performance Parts  >  High Performance SSD-Chip

6.5TD High Performance SSD-Chip for 94-95 model years 40HP or 80HP available

High Performance SSD-Chip

High Performance SSD-Chip

Model: ssd-021 $325.00 $299.99
Note: core deposit of $250.00 is required
United States and Canada - All Deliveries to the United States and Canada will be made by UPS. You will be quoted the shipping cost and presented with delivery options at the time of checkout. See our shipping calculator for more information.
International Customers - Review Shipping Policies
This item does not qualify for the free shipping promotion on orders over $200.00
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PLEASE NOTE OUR SSD-CHIP DOES NOT REQUIRE A SEPARATE BOOST GADGET LIKE SOME OTHERS DO TO RAISE BOOST. We know the programming secret to raise boost to the maximum safe level without one.

Increasing power on the GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel Pick Up with the new High Performance SSD-Chip is simple. Just plug-n-play!  The SSD-Chip recalibrates the factory Electronic Control Module (ECM) parameters which control the engine's fuel rate, injection timing, turbo boost, and the automatic transmission performance. Whether towing a heavy trailer, or for just blowing off the Fords, you need the added performance provided by the SSD-Chip!

SSD-Chip's are for all 6.5 Turbo Diesels 1994-1995 model years (except HUMMER as they were manual injection). The SSD-Chip performs as well as or better then any competitors chip. Specific to your application, will adjust fuel rate, injection timing, boost pressure, tranny pressure and shift points & pressure for maximum power and performance.

2 versions available at the same price. 40HP 80ft/lbs of torque, or 80HP 160 ft/lbs of torque. Even better results are seen with the addition of a #9 Performance Resistor.

Unfortunately GM only made the chips replaceable on 94-95 trucks. 96+ trucks have the chip as an integral/internal part of the ECM (computer).  If you drive a 96-2000 truck, we have reprogrammed ECM's (computers) available on an exchange basis . Please see p/n ssd-404

To match your application exactly, we will need the 4 letter code off of your stock chip, such as BMRL or BXRF to name a few. NOT off the ECM, but the chip itself. Also year of truck, model, 8th digit of the VIN code and std or auto, tranny. If a 94, we will need to know your injection pump model from the tag on the pump. WE ALSO NEED TO KNOW WHAT MODIFICATIONS HAVE BEEN PERFORMED TO YOUR TRUCK. If you need assistance in locating the chip code, please visit our FAQ section for simple instructions. It will only take a few minutes to check. Installation is 20 minutes maximum with full detailed instructions included w/pictures. INCORRECT OR INCOMPLETE INFORMATION GIVEN TO US MAY RESULT IN THE CHIP NOT WORKING PROPERLY.

The 40HP version works well with stock exhaust, and provides a good balance of power and mileage. The 80HP version requires a modified exhaust such as our 4" system, and full gauges, EGT and boost. Do not install the 80hp chip until the aforementioned modifications are performed or ENGINE DAMGE MAY OCCUR AND ALL WARRANTY IS VOID.

This chip will add power like you never had and allow you to compete with the big dogs. Absolutely the best single mod you can do for increased power.

SSD-Chips are custom burned for your vehicle and takes 15-20 working days ARO to ship.

1994 trucks with model 5068 injection pumps will yield slightly less HP.

Chips are sold on an exchange basis and require a $250 core deposit which will be refunded if your stock chip is returned to us within 30 days. Core must be received within 60 days or warranty is void.





High Performance SSD-Chip


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