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wow i never thought i would find a place where i could fix up and make my 6.5 perform and keep up with the big boys. INTAKE, FSD, SHIFT KIT, AND #9 RESISTOR BUT MORE TO COME. Hooking chains and pulling cummins and powerstrokes is now a daily thing for me...
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From: Richard C.
I have purchased parts from another company and been sorely disappointed. I started asking Tom questions, and he readily gave me answers and very sound advice. Honesty and integrity and great customer service are rare qualities in online shopping these...
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From: Edward S.
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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  Injectors  >  SSDiesel Fuel-Miser Injector Kit

SSD Fuel-Miser Injector kit...Produce the best mileage of any injector made and an additional 25hp as well.


SSDiesel Fuel-Miser Injector Kit

SSDiesel Fuel-Miser Injector Kit

Model: ssd-8304 $499.99
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SSD Fuel-Miser Injectors for all 6.5's, all years, all vehicles. Includes 8 injectors and an install/gasket set p/n ssd-2120. These injectors are designed solely to improve mileage. Due to increased operating efficiencies and increase in power by 25hp is also produced. Our SSD Fuel-Miser injectors produce the best mileage of all our injectors including our True Marine Injectors, all reman here in the USA!

Fight back the high cost of diesel fuel with a set of these injectors. Tested on a 1995 K1500 S engine, mileage improved by 20%.

No core deposit required. Full one year warranty, unlimited mileage!

Every injector is tested twice on a Kent-Moore Model B nozzle tester for spray patterm pop pressure and leakage prior to shipping virtually eliminating complaints.

We suggest our ssd-630 injector install tool for best results. It is a special tool designed to prevent breakage of the return line nipples on the injectors.

Includes instructions and Installation kit ssd-2120 free of charge!

*$25 REBATE AVAILABLE. Send us your old injectors for a $25 store credit good on your next purchase. Rebate slip included.

Install tips:

Injectors are easy to change by even a weekend mechanic. They are no harder then changing spark lugs on a gas engine. The turbo will need to be removed for access, but thats only held down by 4 bolts and a few clamps.

Only handle injectors with clean hands and leave the protective caps on until the last possible moment, as a spec of dirt in an injector will cause a misfire of knock until the dirt passes or is removed by cleaning the new injector.

Do not bend the injector steel tubes as the internal coating amy flake off and also foul an injector. Just gently move aside.

Due to many variables between vehicles, drivers, road conditions, results will vary and we make no promise of how much mileage will improve. Additionally don't expect mileage to increase in the cold weather winter months! When cold the ECM keeps fuel rates high and retards timing for a faster warm-up and mileage suffers. Also in cold weather idling times increase.

Note: The installation kit shown only comes with 2 clamps for a reason! These are a new style high temp teflon hose which is push-on style, no clamps needed. The 2 clamps are for use with the rubber end caps shown.

SSDiesel Fuel-Miser Injector Kit


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