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Thanks Walt, Great product. It fixed my 1997 GMC crew cab dually. It runs great. I would like to have a dollar for every injector pump that was replaced when all you needed was your heat sink and a new PMD. You will be hearing from me soon for some other...
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From: Jeff
1995 K2500. Love the diesel,getting around 20 mpg.Walt's advise is hands down,the best.Was having the usual problems,stalling,hard start.This kit is the cure.Runs perfect
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From: Bob
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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  Cooling System Upgrades & Components  >  SEVERE DUTY 6.5 Fan Upgrade (early)

SEVERE DUTY 6.5 Fan Upgrade for all 92 thru 99-1/2 C/K trucks and G Vans using the 4 bolt flange

SEVERE DUTY 6.5 Fan Upgrade (early)

SEVERE DUTY 6.5 Fan Upgrade (early)

Model: ssd-8663 $522.27
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NEW SEVERE DUTY Fan Upgrade for all 92-99-1/2 6.5 C/K trucks and G Vans using the 4 bolt flange

This is a DIRECT FIT 20" FAN, NO CUTTING OR GRINDING OF SHROUD IS REQUIRED! Includes our special modified low temp clutch ssd-2302 which is calibrated to engage 15DF lower then your stock clutch.

The pitch of this fan is the most agressive I have ever seen and will flow an enormous amount of air.

180 high flow thermostats are required for this fan to work at its best. Please check elsewhere in this category for the correct 180 t-stats for your application.

Our Special Thermal Fan Clutch...

  • Varies the fan speed with temperature of the air behind the radiator.
  • Engaged (high speed) operation provides maximum cooling.
  • Disengaged (low speed) operation provides fuel savings and noise reduction.
  • Greater life expectancy than a non-thermal clutch.
  • Briefly engaged at cold start-up.
  • Engages at about 30° lower than coolant temperature.

The air temperature coming through the radiator is sensed by the bi-metal thermal spring on the front of the thermal fan clutch. It expands and contracts with the change in air temperature operating a valve inside of the clutch. When cold, the silicone drive fluid is pumped from the working area to the reservoir. When hot, the valve opens allowing fluid from the reservoir to be transferred to the working area thereby increasing the fan speed. The clutch disengages as the air temperature decreases, closing the valve and allowing the silicone fluid to be pumped back into the reservoir.

A thermal fan clutch is engaged on a cold startup because the fluid drains into the working area when the engine is shut off. The fan clutch will slow down shortly after startup as a result of a pumping action produced by a difference in speed between the shaft and the body of the clutch.

Our Special Clutches are specifically designed to engage at lower temperatures than the original equipment parts that they replace.

NOTE: For use only on vehicles and applications listed above. Use on any other vehicle is at your own risk.


SEVERE DUTY 6.5 Fan Upgrade (early)


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