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My 95 K2500 pickup had lost fuel mileage and was pretty 'crackly'. It also was starting to knock occasionally on cold start. Walt confidently suggested the new injectors, and I opted for the misers. My mileage has gone from 16mpg, combined driving, to...
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From: Bill
Walt, Wanted to say thanks again, for all the wonderful information you have to offer. The hesitation and stalling was indeed the PMD, and the new PMD and Heat-Sync kit cured the problem. Runs better than it ever has. Keeping the PMD cool is a...
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From: Kenneth B.
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Duramax  >  Engines, Heads and Components  >  Duramax 6.6L Main Bearing Set 2001-2011

Duramax 6.6L Main Bearing Set, std, 2001-2011

Duramax 6.6L Main Bearing Set  2001-2011

Duramax 6.6L Main Bearing Set 2001-2011

Model: ssd-2218P $129.99
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Duramax 6.6L Main Bearing Set, standard size, 2001-2011

VIN Codes: 1 LLY (2001-2004), 2 LB7 (2004-2007), D LBZ (2006-2007), 6 LMM (2007-2010), 8 LML (2011)

Highest Quality Made in the USA



Includes all Mains in standard size.

Also available in .25mm and .50mm undersized by special order, 1-2 days to ship, please call if undersize is desired.

Duramax 6.6L Main Bearing Set  2001-2011


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