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you guys have been the best even though you dont offer exact fit for my express van with your help and a little exrta work we got all to fit encluding 4 inch exhuast and what a hp increase ....cant say enough about the ECM upgrade and the FDS heat sync...
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From: Ryan S.
Walt, I installed your Heat-sync and had an opportunity to take the truck for a trip (311 miles). I checked the fuel mileage, which was around 16 MPG before installing the Heat-sync, and found that it is now 18.91 MPG. This trip was through the...
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From: Arlan S.
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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  Engines, Heads and Components  >  6.5L Water Jacket Cover Plate

NOW OBSOLETE at GM, 6.5L Water Jacket Cover Plate for back of all 6.5L Heads. Sold individually

6.5L Water Jacket Cover Plate

6.5L Water Jacket Cover Plate

Model: ssd-5740186 $19.99
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NOW OBSOLETE at GM, Water Jacket Cover Plate for back of all 6.5L Cylinder heads. Sold individually. Fits all 6.5s, all vehicles, all years.

Your 6.5 came with these from the factory. The front coolant passages align up with the thermostat crossover manifold. The rear two holes are blocked to divert coolant thru the manifold. Replace these plates when changing heads or rusted and leaking. 2) needed per engine.

Use gasket ssd-35357


 Note: Beware, some scammers out there are selling a hose kit to install in place of these plates. That set-up actually makes it run hotter because coolant is now bypassing and creating hot spots in the heads which will cause cracking and blown head gaskets.

6.5L Water Jacket Cover Plate


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