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Walt and crew are excellent to deal with. Not too many company's nowadays will take the time to truely help you the way walt does. Placed one order over the internet... very smooth accurate transaction. Placed one order over the phone... easy to place...
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From: Bob S.
thank you Walt for the great products and service!! My 95 chevy 2500 with 250000 runs better then before .Just bolt it on in 10 min and boom she runs again . thanks again Dennis Mousseau Northen Michigan
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From: Dennis M.
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6.5 Diesel Maintenance - Keep Your Diesel Running Long and Strong!

ENGINE OIL: Every 3000 miles religiously, even if a synthetic is used (due to diesel soot). I recommend Shell Rotella-T 15w40 year round (p/n ssd-1540 or ssd-5W40)

ENGINE OIL FILTER: Every oil change. I recommend our SSDiesel ssd-2310 Performance Filter for best soot control over any other brand.

FUEL FILTER: Change element every 6,000 miles or once every 6 months. I recommend using our Super Duty Filter ssd-1201 for correct water separation. Its pre-attached ring makes replacing it easy and eliminates leaks! Drain moisture/sediment (one pint) using the tee handled draincock located near the thermostat housing every 2 weeks in winter, otherwise monthly is ok.

CDR VALVE: Replace every 30,000 miles. I recommend our p/n ssd-706

INJECTORS: Replace every 100,000 miles. I recommend our Marine Injectors ssd-9311 for more hp and better mileage

GLOW PLUGS: Replace every 100,000 miles. I recommend our ssd-008 Instant Heat Plugs for most applications (except military)

GLOW PLUG RELAY/CONTROLLER: Replace with new glow plugs every 100K miles. p/n ssd-1005 for 93 and earlier 6.5's, p/n ssd-1006 for all 94 and newer C/K Trucks.

INJECTION PUMP: Average life (electronic or mechanical) 150,000 miles I recommend our ssd-5521 or ssd-5068

FUEL TREATMENT: A MUST with the new ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) Fuel now sold at every gas station in North America. I recommend our K100-D with lubricity additive to replace the lubricating properties eliminated by the sulphur. Our K100D is the only treatment that ELIMINATES water in your fuel. Others just separate. Unless a good additive is used in EVERY tankful, you will experience shorter injection pump and injector life.

FUEL PRESSURE: Check routinely, should be 3-5 psi at all times. Low or no supply pressure will create stalling, hesitation and injection pump damage. Replace the supply pump ssd-045 and OPS switch ssd-011 as a pair.

HARMONIC BALANCER(s): Replace at 100,000 mile intervals.

ANTIFREEZE: Replace every 24,000 or every 2 years. I recommend std green fluid mixed 50/50 and a bottle of Redline's "Water Wetter" to the mix

RADIATOR: Aluminum radiators last 10 years average if the coolant is replaced every 2 years. Much less life if not. Aluminum rads cannot be "boiled-out" successfully like the old copper rads, they are throw aways. Corrosion builds up inside the tubes and acts like a blanket is over the rad, and we all know overheating kills diesels.

INTAKE MANIFOLD: I recommend removing the upper intake plenum every 30K miles and clean and inspect for heavy gunk build-up. If other then a light film of oil, you may have bad turbo bearings or a neglected CDR valve. If the CDR has been replaced at the proper intervals, then replace the turbo as failure is imminent. If you see a heavy build-up in the lower section, it must be removed and cleaned also. If no automotive degreaser available, I find a can of spray "oven-cleaner" works great.

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