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Hello! These people know their stuff! I own a 94 3500 series ambulance as my own truck. After reading online, and with all the help here--just in the product descriptions--I fixed my WG solenoid issue. I now have the air intake on, and I notice a...
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From: Mike K.
My 96, 6.5TD is a new truck after installing these units. Can recommand these for all of you looking for more power & torque. The gear shift improver is also a must to have. Have not tried full power yet, as I want to "break" the engine in step by step....
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From: Jarl Ove in Bergen - Norway
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SSDiesel Supply - The FSD Heat-Sync Advantage

  • FSD Heat-Sync(TM)Larger mass of aluminum used which absorbs rapid heating of the PMD/FSD and dissipates heat better 120 sq/in of fin surface area to dissipate that heat into free air, allowing the PMD/FSD to last the life of the truck.
  • Grade 8 fasteners used to secure the PMD/FSD to the cooler instead of the "prettier" stainless ones. Stainless fasteners will snap if torqued to the required 23 in/lbs which is necessary to provide adequate clamping pressure between the FSD and cooler for proper heat transfer
  • We provide our NEW Pink Silicone heat transfer pad, engineered to provide the best heat transfer between Heat Sync and PMD, far superior to any other in the business
  • The FSD/FSD is mounted perpendicular to the cooling fins, others parallel. Mounting parallel positions the 2-500 watt transistors mounted on the backside of the FSD to share the same cooling fins. Mounting perpendicular positions the transistors over separate cooling fins, which allows the PMD/FSD to run cooler. Bottom line, a cooler running PMD/FSD will last longer
  • Our mounting location is the coolest area under the hood to mount with the best flow. Mounting on the firewall doesn't allow enough flow to keep the FSD cool. It’s 2-500 watt transistors create a lot of heat. Tests have proven a 20-30 degree difference in FSD temperature from firewall mounting. It's NOT engine heat that kills PMD's as others may lead you to believe
  • FSD Heat-Sync on intake manifoldLocation also allows the original harness to be used with absolutely no stress or strain. No harness extension required, which allows less connections to fail
  • 100% made in USA with only USA components. (black unit is an import)
  • Lowest cost professionally made unit. Compare and save.
  • Instructions included for a 10-20 minute installation with basic hand tools (ssd-006)
  • In stock-ready to ship with express shipping available at cost
  • Available in "kit" version also (ssd-006), which supplies the FSD Heat-Sync, resistor and brand new SSD Advanced Technologyl PMD/ FSD

***WORD OF CAUTION*** Heat Transfer Technology is a science. The sizing of a heat sink requires calculations for the heat sink load of 2-500 watt transistors in an underhood environment exceeding 150DF. The mass of the heat sink, cooling fin design and cooling fin surface area are CRITICAL to PMD life. Although our FSD Heat-Sync runs significantly cooler then most of the competitors, most others will still somewhat do the job. However, I see one out there with little to no home made fins, actually ridges, that can't possibly dissipate the heat of 2-500 watt transistors. Temperature will fry your PMD again in short order. Look to buy the best functioning one, not the prettiest one. Extensive research and engineering have gone into our design. No guesswork involved!
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