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I finally finished the install of all my mods from SSDiesel Supply. Exhaust is great, cooling mod is awesome(included fan), deep tranny pan was great, chip was awesome. Truck is working great. Did these mods to liven truck up and increase it's longevity....
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on a scale of 1 to 10, Walt deserves a 12! i cannot say enough good about this guy! he's a AAA+++ kinda guy! he has great prices on his products, is very conscientious about helping you w/tech help, and his shipping time and costs for shipping are very...
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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  Diesel Fuel Treatment  >  K100-D Diesel Fuel Additive/32oz (2 PACK)

K-100D 32/oz Diesel Fuel Treatment (2 PACK). ELIMINATES water from Diesel Fuel.

K100-D Diesel Fuel Additive/32oz (2 PACK)

K100-D Diesel Fuel Additive/32oz (2 PACK)

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K100-D 32oz, 2 pack

It is my personal recommendation to use K-100D in every tankful of diesel fuel. It not only provides the necessary lubricity for use with the new ULSD fuel, it adds 1-1/2 to 2 centane points too, for more hp and better mileage. But most important, it ELIMINATES water! All other conditioners only separate the water but you can still damage the injection pump and injectors if water gets in the pump. K-100D ELIMINATES water so it can never be a problem again. It's formula will not damage your pump or injectors. Even if you already have water in your tank, adding this product will turn it into fuel and make it disappear. I can attest this is true as I have used it in my diesels for over 20 years.


large The Premium Fuel Treatment
from Kinetic Laboratories
K100-D eliminates water in the fuel to prevent microbe growth and winter freeze-ups, and improves fuel performance by altering the burn chemistry for more complete combustion, boosting the cetane and reducing black smoke, pollutants and emissions. K100-D cleans engines and fuel systems while adding lubricity for maximum engine performance and fuel system life. K100's unique organic chemistry will even "fix" equipment that has been sitting a while and won't start - or runs roughly! 8oz bottle treats 60 gallons/summer, 30 gallons/winter. Includes 3) 8oz bottles.

What Does K100-D Do?

Improves Fuel Economy
  - Improves mileage up to 15% - saves money
Improves Performance
  - Boosts cetane 2 points - more power
- Better acceleration
  - Reduces friction in the fuel pump,
injectors and combustion chamber -
extends equipment life
- Increases lubricity in LSD, ULSD, red-dye & K-1 blends by 20-40%
Cleans Engines & Fuel System
  - Cleans injectors-won't harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors
- Dissolves sludge, varnish & carbons-stops fuel line blockage
Provides a Clean Burn
  - Reduces black smoke, pollutants &
- Atomizes completely - leaves no ash deposits
  -Reduces friction & wear in fuel system
-Reduces cold-start scuffing on 2-cycles
Prevents Microbe Growth by Eliminating Water

Use K100-D In:
Any diesel-powered engine or motor i.e. cars, vans, trucks, buses, boats, construction equipment, farm equipment, home heating oil, bio-blends, etc.

NOTE: Can ship to 48 states only and no air shipments allowed.



K100-D Diesel Fuel Additive/32oz (2 PACK)


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