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Well, I ordered the Glow Plugs and "WOW". My 1994 6.5TD fired up alot quicker and more Quietly.. The next purchase will most likely be Injectors, Decals, and Maintenance stuff. Since I already have 4" Exhaust, Turbo wastegate, Intake modifications, and...
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From: Alan K.
Me and my 1999 K2500 Suburban have our hats off to Walt and his staff at SSDiesel Supply! Every encounter I have had with this company has been a very professionally orientated experience. I just wish I was in closer proximity to this company. Well,...
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From: James
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SSDiesel "Super-Duty" Diesel Fuel Filter/Water Separator Ele. for all 6.5 C/K trucks, 92-00, Vans 94-85 and all 6.5 H1 Hummers

SSD Super-Duty Diesel Fuel Filter

SSD Super-Duty Diesel Fuel Filter

Model: ssd-1201 $29.15
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SSDiesel Supply's "Super Duty" Diesel Fuel Filter/Water Separator element. By far the BEST fuel filter available on the market today. Fits the 1992-2000 6.5 in C/K trucks and Suburbans, Vans 94-95 and all HUMMER H1's. Unlike ALL the rest.

This filter element is the BEST for THREE reasons...

1) Filters small 5 micron particulates

2) Is impregnated with a special compound that will separate water in your diesel fuel and drop it to the bottom of the bowl to be drained away.

3) Easiest to install

If you are like me,  you've noticed what a pain replacing the fuel filter has been for you. Lining up the slots, gasket falling off and a PITA to reinstall, leakage. It WAS a major chore. Our SSD Super-Duty Filter ends all that. Its one piece design with internal o-ring is as easy as 1-2-3 to replace. And will NOT leak! We have this filter made to our specs by a major US filter manufacturer and for a special price.

Install the right filter in your diesel. The cheap aftermarket ones you buy at the Auto**** are PAPER imitations of this filter element and will not filter as well as, nor separate water. One eye-drop of water will cause permanent damage to your injection pump.

Dirt and water in diesel fuel from inadequate filtration is the #1 cause of injection pump failure. Don't skimp on filtration. You know that old saying...You can pay me now, or....

Normal Filter Maintenance: Drain the sediment every 2 weeks and replace this element every 6000 miles or 6 months.

Case Quantity available, please call for details

By using this filter and performing recommended maintenance, there is never a need for additional/optional filtration for your diesel.

SSD Super-Duty Diesel Fuel Filter


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