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I received all of the parts that I ordered in a very timely manner and the directions that came with them were great too. No more stalling thanks to FSD, old crunched downpipe and plugged cat now flowing good with 4" pipes and now she whistles with the...
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From: Mike A.
Ok Ok Ok I had my doubts but man today they have all been laid to rest. I got the 4 exhaust installed today. My suburban sounds awesome, like a locomotive, unbelievable power. I am used to merging on to the highway and struggling to get up to speed. ...
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From: Kelly
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H1 Hummer  >  Performance  >  H1 6.5TD HUMMER Upgrade ECM Tune 96+

Performance Upgrade ECM tune for all H1 HUMMERS 96+, available in 40hp, and 80hp versions

H1 6.5TD HUMMER Upgrade ECM Tune 96+

H1 6.5TD HUMMER Upgrade ECM Tune 96+

Model: ssd-404H $625.00 $599.99
Note: core deposit of $250.00 is required
United States and Canada - All Deliveries to the United States and Canada will be made by UPS. You will be quoted the shipping cost and presented with delivery options at the time of checkout. See our shipping calculator for more information.
International Customers - Review Shipping Policies
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PLEASE NOTE OUR ECM UPGRADE DOES NOT REQUIRE A SEPARATE BOOST GADGET LIKE SOME OTHERS DO TO RAISE BOOST. We know the programming secret to raise boost to the maximum safe level without one.

Performance Upgraded ECM's (computer) tune for all 6.5 Turbo Diesel H1 Hummers 1996+ model years. This ECM tune performs better then any competitors ECM tune. Specific to your application, will adjust fuel rate, injection timing, boost pressure, tranny pressure and shift points for maximum power and performance. Whether towing a heavy trailer, or just for blowing off Fords, this ECM will add raw power.

2 versions available at the same price. 40HP 80ft/lbs of torque, or 80HP 160 ft/lbs of torque. Even better results are seen with the addition of a #9 Performance Resistor.

To match your application exactly, we will need the full VIN number of your vehicle. Also year of truck, model, 2WD or 4WD, and std or auto, tranny. WE ALSO NEED TO KNOW WHAT MODIFICATIONS IF ANY HAVE BEEN DONE TO YOUR TRUCK. INCOMPLETE OR INCORRECT INFO GIVEN TO US MAY RESULT IN THE ECM NOT WORKING FOR YOU.

Installation is 20 minutes maximum with full detailed instructions included w/pictures. 




The 40HP version works well with stock exhaust. The 80HP version requires a modified exhaust such as our 4" system, and full gauges, EGT and boost. DO NOT INSTALL AN 80HP ECM WITHOUT THE AFOREMENTIONED MODIFICATIONS OR ENGINE DAMAGE MAY OCCUR AND ALL WARRANTY IS VOID.

This ECM tune will allow you to compete with the big dogs. Absolutely the best single mod you can do for increased power.

This purchase is for the tune program we will install in your ECM. You can send us your ECM in advance, or to save you time, we have blank cores available to tune to your specifications and VIN, which is why there is a $250 core deposit required.  The core deposit will be refunded upon return of your stock "working" ECM to us within 30 days. If not returned within 60 days, all warranty is void and no credit will be given. Please read our warranty policy page for details.

The ECM is also slang termed PCM, ECU or computer box. Same thing! 

NOTE: ECM'S ARE CUSTOM MADE TO YOUR VEHICLE's VIN AND ARE NOT CANCELABLE BEYOND 24 HOURS ARO. Delivery approximately 10-15 business days. We are not responsible for delays such as holidays, weather, production delays, etc. This is a non-cancelable item.

Some 2004 only H1 Hummers use an experimental "Cat" ECM which we are unable to upgrade.

H1 6.5TD HUMMER Upgrade ECM Tune 96+


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