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Outstanding! Manufactured by Heartthrob for SS Diesel, this product works exactly as stated. Easy to install in about a 1/2 hour by myself. Dyno sheets indicate exactly how the H1 will perform with this eaxhaust and it does just that. Great bang for the...
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From: Ron
I have to agree that this is the best place anywhere for 6.5's. The induction kit was an awesome add on. finally hear the the turbo. i will be getting marine injectors soon along with the ssd, chip and exhaust. now i know where we got some of are parts...
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From: Derek M.
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6.5 TD Heavy Duty Supply/Lift Pump for all 92-2002 C/K Pick-up's, subs and tahoes. Also G/P vans

6.5 TD Supply/Lift Pump

6.5 TD Supply/Lift Pump

Model: ssd-045 $79.99 $75.00
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Brand New Heavy Duty Supply/Lift pump for all 6.5 Turbo-Diesels years 92-2002 installed in C/K pick-up's, Subs, tahoes and all vans . This pump is a perfect fit and will restore the necessary  fuel pressure to the Injection Pump. This is the correct pump for your diesel, NOT an "also fit". Includes the correct harness connector to just "plug-in".

The supply pump or lift pump as it's called is a booster pump that takes fuel from the tank and sends it to the injection pump. The injection pump needs to be fed 3-5 psi of pressure to work properly. If not, you will experience hard starting,  and a hesitation or "hiccup" as you accelerate quickly. Also check the oil pressure switch as that switch is what turns this pump on and off. Switch also sold on this website separately.

On C/K trucks and vans this pump is located under the truck, on the frame rail in the area under the drivers seat. Easily changed in minutes.

We require replacing the in-tank fuel strainer ssd-1702 (aka: "fuel sock") at this time to validate warranty. The OEM style strainer has a built-in bypass that opens when clogged allowing trash to suck into the pump, causing failure. The #1 cause of pump failure. This strainer should be replaced every 100K miles as routine maintenance.


6.5 TD Supply/Lift Pump


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