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I have owned my truck for 6 years and had no idea that i was driving it around with no boost from my turbo. And yes I said 6 years! Three e-mails from Walt and ta-da that turbo is screaming and I couldn't be happier, I have purchased numerous upgrades...
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From: Josh
When I bought my 1997 K2500 it had some troubles running. It was my first diesel and I was preparing to go to school to become a diesel tech. I called customer support and explained my troubles he said it sounded like the injector pump and PMD. After...
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From: Cole F.
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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  PREMIUM HD SSD Heat-Syncs, PMD's and Resistors  >  6.5TD PREMIUM-HD FSD Heat-Sync kit for C/K Trucks (includes PMD and resistor)

SSDiesel FSD Heat-Sync kit...Solves your PMD failure issues. Fits all C/K Trucks 94-2002 with the 6.5 Turbo Diesel. Featuring our new SSD Advanced Technology PMD. Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY


6.5TD PREMIUM-HD FSD Heat-Sync kit for C/K Trucks (includes PMD and resistor)

6.5TD PREMIUM-HD FSD Heat-Sync kit for C/K Trucks (includes PMD and resistor)

Model: ssd-006 $375.00 $325.00
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Brand new FSD Heat-SyncTM kit, for all GM 6.5 Turbo Diesels with electronic fuel injection used in C/K trucks and Suburbans from 1994-2002. Manufactured in USA by SSDiesel SupplyTM, GM 6.5 TD specialists. Solves the problem of frequent PMD failure with your GM Diesel. Featuring our new Advanced Technology PMD which outperforms all previous PMDs in performance and longevity.

Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY please see warranty policy for details

The PMD (pump mounted driver) is that small black box mounted on the side of your injection pump. It is a signal amplifier that powers the fuel solenoid. It contains 2-500 watt transistors which create a lot of heat. The factory mistakenly mounted this PMD module on the side of an already hot injection pump and in the engine valley below the intake manifold where temperatures skyrocket. As everyone knows, electronics do not like heat and they will fail prematurely. Symptoms of failure are stalling, hard starting, surging, poor fuel mileage, erratic idle/throttle and finally no-start. When they go it usually will not give any codes with the SES (Service Engine Soon) light. This American Made Cooler kit, relocates the PMD to a cooler area of the engine compartment, above the intake, on a massive oversized heat sink. A proven design. Our design has some distinct advantages over all the competition\'s. Please check our "advantages" section on our homepage and our FAQ section for details.

This kit includes everything needed including a new SSD Advanced technology PMD, FSD Heat Sync cooler as pictured, and a #9 calibration resistor. Detailed step-by-step instructions also included. No drilling or cable splicing. A truely simple Plug-and-play installation. Professionally engineered and manufactured. Only basic hand tools required.  Removal of the top shroud required. Approximately a 10-20 minute installation. See our warranty page for more info.

***WORD OF CAUTION*** Heat Transfer Technology is a science. The sizing of a heat sink requires calculations for the heat sink load of 2-500 watt transistors in an underhood environment exceeding 150DF. The mass of the heat sink, cooling fin design and cooling fin surface area are CRITICAL to PMD life. Although our "FSD Heat-Sync" runs significantly cooler then most of the competitors, most others will still somewhat do the job. However, I see one out there with little to no "home made fins" that can\'t possibly dissipate the heat of 2-500 watt transistors. Temperature will fry your PMD again in short order. Look to buy the best functioning one, not the prettiest one. Extensive research and engineering have gone into my design. No guesswork involved!


Calibration resistor comes pre-installed in the harness connector. 

If replacing a Stanadyne "GRAY" unit (made in Malaysia) with our new advanced technology PMD, you will either need to purchase a ssd-9908 adapter harness, or simply file off the "ears" on your gray end harness for a perfect fit.

This unit is for Pickup trucks ONLY with a side mount turbo. If you have a van with center mount turbo, purchase a ssd-001 designed for vans



6.5TD PREMIUM-HD FSD Heat-Sync kit for C/K Trucks (includes PMD and resistor)


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