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I never thought my truck ran poorly. Stalled once in a while with the heat and humidity and i was just waiting till i had the money to buy the heatsink. Since installing, and getting the TDC offset set correctly, i've had no more stalling and awesome...
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From: William F.
I have rarely seen the customer service and support that SS Diesel Supply gives. The speed of shipping non-air was the quickest I've ever seen. The communication of letting you know when your package was shipped was clear. The package came very well...
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From: Dwight L.
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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  Air Induction Kits and Components  >  Performance Air Induction Kit (97-98)

New Performance Air Induction kit for all 6.5TD C/K Pick-ups and Suburbans 97-98 (equjipped with a mass air-flow sensor)



Performance Air Induction Kit (97-98)

Performance Air Induction Kit (97-98)

Model: ssd-717 $150.00
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                    1 Million Mile Limited Warranty

New Performance Induction System from SSDiesel SupplyTM. Remove and throw away that restrictive factory airbox and install our Performance Induction kit. Increase hp, decrease turbo spool-up time and hear that turbo whine like you've never heard it before! You will feel the power, hear the power, and see the difference if you have a Boost Gauge (sold separately on our website). This kit increases airflow up to 50% over that stock airbox trying to suck air thru the fender! Sucking air thru the fender is severely restrictive, dirty, and pulls in no cooler air then our system, just with alot more restriction. Diesels love to breathe, open up that intake!!! Works great on it's own but add our 4" exhaust to finish the job and really make it scream!

Fits all c/k pick-ups and Suburbans 97-98 equipped with a MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor)

If you have a 97-98 without the MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) order p/n ssd-707

This DUAL CONE filter features a reversed cone on it's top end for additional flow. 35% more flow then a filter of comperable size. They feature a ding-proof stainless steel mesh outer layer and a oiled woven cotton inner layer that filters and flows better then gauze or foam. Made for SSDiesel SupplyTM by a famous filter mfg to our specs. We feature a million mile warranty if properly maintained. Includes everything you need to install (except MAF Sensor). Recommended service-every other oil change. Please see the service kit listed separately.

We also feature the connection on the inlet tube for easy "plug-in" installation of the tube from the CDR valve for proper function and emissions compliance. Does not include MAF sensor, shown for reference only. Your existing MAF may be used over or a new one purchased from us. Please see p/n ssd-8308.

We have performed complete temperature testing before we started to market this new filter set-up. We installed a temp probe from a calibrated industrial pyrometer into the IAT sensor hole on the manifold and made some good hard runs. This was done before the weather turned cold with a prototype filter. It showed no significant temp rise over sucking thru that restrictive air box. Reason being, the fender has multiple openings drawing in underhood air anyways! Some early years had a plastic snorkel that ran thru the fender to draw air from the front of the vehicle, but just about everyone who ever owned one with it, took it off as it choked the turbo the first week they owned the truck!
The added benefit of no restriction more then outweighs the negitive effects of drawing underhood air. Look at most muclecars. One of the first things hot rodders do is open up the air filter with something like a K&N, drawing air from under the hood almost in every case. You know that builds hp!
You will notice an immediate difference in turbo spool-up and hear that baby scream with this new Induction System.


Million Mile Warranty

All SSDiesel Supply Induction kit filter elements are covered under the warranty for defective materials or workmanship for one million miles. If for any reason your high performance filter should fail due to workmanship or defective materials, the original consumer who purchased the Intake Kit must simply provide proof of purchase to be eligible for the warranty. In order to maintain the SSDiesel warranty, you must use the S&B Precision Cleaning & Oiling Kit (part # ssd-880008) to service the filter every 6000 miles. Furthermore, the filter must be serviced according to the directions included with part number ssd-880008. Use 34 grams of oil on the outer filter, 7 grams on the inner filter cone to service after cleaning.

Warranty Conditions

Product returned for warranty resolution must be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number obtained in advance from SSDiesel Supply. SSDiesel will be the final authority on all warranty decisions. The original consumer who purchased the SSDiesel product must also provide proof of purchase to be eligible for the warranty. Those SSDiesel products used in any type of racing or for off-road use are not covered by the warranty. SSDiesel products that are modified or that are used on custom applications are also not covered. Products made and/or sold by SSDiesel on a private label basis are also not covered by the warranty. This warranty shall not apply to any unit which has been improperly stored or installed; subjected to misapplication, improper operating conditions, accidents, or neglect; or which has been improperly repaired or altered or otherwise mistreated by the owner or his agent.

Warranty Coverage

SSDiesel Supply LLC (SSDiesel) warrants to the original purchaser that the filter element purchased shall be free from defects in material and workmanship. A defect is defined as a condition that would render the product inoperable. This warranty does not cover deterioration of plating, paint or any other coating. SSDiesel's liability is limited to the repair or replacement, at SSDiesel's option, of any warrantable product returned prepaid with a complete service history and proof of purchase to the factory. A valid proof of purchase is a dated bill of sale. Repaired or replaced product will be returned to the customer freight collect. Accepted warranty units which have been replaced become the sole property of SSDiesel. Mileage is not a factor. Except as set forth in this warranty, SSDiesel disclaims any implied warranty, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. SSDiesel also disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to, repair labor, rental vehicles, hotel costs or any other inconvenience costs. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied, and shall not extend to any consumer or to any person other than the original purchaser residing within the boundaries of the continental U.S. or Canada. Warranty does not cover conditions where heat-damage related. 

Performance Air Induction Kit (97-98)


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