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6.5TD C/K Trucks  >  Glow Plugs & Controllers  >  6.5 Instant-Heat Glow Plugs (8)

SSDiesel SupplyTM "Instant-Heat" Glow Plug Set for all 6.5's (except Military & 24 volt)

6.5 Instant-Heat Glow Plugs (8)

6.5 Instant-Heat Glow Plugs (8)

Model: ssd-008 $99.99
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From SSDiesel SupplyTM, GM 6.5 diesel specialists, one set of eight (8) brand new "Instant-Heat" glow plugs for all 12 volt Chevy, GMC and Hummer 6.2 and 6.5 Turbo and non Turbo Diesels. MADE IN USA by the manufacturer that supplies the US Forces glow plugs for the Hum-Vee's overseas fighting in Iraq for our freedom. Replaces all 9g, 11g, and 60g glow plugs with superior performance over stock. These glow plugs will not burn out or swell if overheated as the 9g's will, and heat up to twice as fast as the 11g's and 60g's.

Our Instant-Heat plugs are dual element and self regulating for maximum performance. Observe the pictures attached. The plug on the left is the "Instant-Heat", the plug on the right is an AC 11g (stock). Both brand new. Both wired in parallel to a fully charged 12 volt battery using 14 gauge wire. Both powered simultaniously. Observe the difference in 5 seconds, and 10 seconds on. Amazing difference! Just imagine how much quicker and better your diesel will start! Observe after power is cut, 10 seconds off and the "Instant-Heat" IS STILL GLOWING!!!! Your engine will start better all year round! Buy from the experts on 6.5 Diesels, SSDiesel SupplyTM.

We highly recommend replacing the glow plug relay/controller at the same time plugs are replaced, as failing relays can cause new plugs to fail prematurely. Also new plug connectors are highly recommended. Connections to the plugs must be very tight. Relays and connectors are also sold in this category.

Also fits all 6.2's.

Glow plugs will wear out at some point in time. When a glow plug wears out, it is important that ALL plugs are replaced. Over-voltage is the most common failure of a glow plug. Please see our FAQ section for reasons why glow plugs fail pre-maturely. All of our parts are tested twice before they leave the factory. Our defective rate last year was .00007%, that is 7 pieces per million.

It is highly recommended to use our special Glow Plug Install/Removal tool ssd-MT44. It will prevent damage to the plug and help guild them into the hole. Read more about them on our "tools" category. Torque all glow plugs to 15 ft/lbs.

These plugs will NOT work on military 24 volt systems. We also have 24 volt military plugs available. Please see p/n ssd-070 and ssd-115

In stock, ready to ship!

6.5 Instant-Heat Glow Plugs (8)


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