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Jarl Ove - Norway Hey Walt, and thank you very much for some very good products. You and Anette are the best in customer support, and have some brilliant products. Just got my 4" outlet system unstalled, and my goodness what a difference. Turbo is...
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From: Jarl Ove
I'm so glad I found this product. I was on my 7th Injector Pump and the warranty was getting ready to expire. This product was the answer I was looking for. It came complete and only required a few simple tools to install. They were very helpful,...
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From: Joel B.
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DUE TO A FAMILY EMERGENCY, ALL ORDERS WILL HAVE A  2 WEEK LEAD TIME. MY APOLOGIES. In-stock items usually ship in 2-3 business days. Special order items please allow 3-4 weeks. Out of stock items will ship as available. Overnight and 2 Day Air orders will be given priority (if in stock) and must be received by NOON EDT to ship same day. Weather delays are common and neither UPS, USPS nor SSDiesel can promise that will not happen. Weather delays do not mean shipping is free!

UPS does not count weekends as a business day. If you order something Thursday by 2 day air, it will be delivered Monday. That is 2 business days. FedEx Next Day Air means "1 business day". FedEx 2 day Air means " 2 business days". FedEx 3 day Select means "3 business days". Also, 3 day service is not guaranteed by FedEx, only Next Day Air and Two Day Air is guaranteed delivery.

PORCH PIRATES: Please understand SSDiesel guarantees delivery to your door only. If proof of delivery exists, it is then your responsibility to secure the package from "porch pirates'. Stealing packages from a porch is a big problem these days and no carrier, UPS, FedEx, USPS or SDSDiesel guarantees against theft once delivered. Your homeownere or renters insurance will cover that, not us.

PLEASE NOTE: USPS Priority Mail does NOT guarantee a delivery date. They expect 2-3 days, but again it is not a guarantee. If you require a guaranteed delivery date, then select 2 day air or Next Day air. UPS is the only carrier with a guaranteed date. Again, the US Post Office does not.

HANDLING FEE:  All orders will be charged a small handling fee to help defrey the cost of boxes and packaging meterials used to ship your order.

WICKED WHEELS Ship by Priority Mail as std shipping. 2 day and Next Day Air are available options.

Any discrepancies or damage must be reported within 24 hours of receiving your order. Please call us within 24 hours and also send a photo of the damage to sales@ssdieselsupply.com If not reported within 24 hours, sorry, nothing we can do.

If you supply an incorrect shipping address and UPS charges us a fee to correct the address, acceptance of our terms and conditions gives us approval to charge your credit card for these additional fees incurred, usually $15.90/change.

Photos shown on the website are representations and may vary by application. Please check product descriptions for correct applications. In other words, don't base your application on the photo alone, but by the product description and application information given.

Any photos submitted to SSDiesel Supply become the property of SSDiesel Supply and may be used throughout the website.

All checks (including e-checks) will be held until cleared, usually 3-5 business days for domestic and 2-3 weeks international. All returned (bounced) checks whether standard or e-check will be subject to a $25 processing fee.

Any order placed whereas the shipping address is different then the billing address will be delayed. We will need to call and speak to the cardholder to get approval prior to shipment. We have had to enact this policy due to recent fraudulent activity.

Store credits are on file for one year only and can only be applied to orders that are phoned in.

$25 minimum for special orders.

If you refuse delivery with UPS or USPS, the shipping both to you, and return shipping will be your respponsibility. Shipping companies do not work for free.

We reserve the right to discard anything sent back for evaluation/testing, not deemed warranty that is abandoned over 30 days. Arrangements must be made with us to either return, repair or replace the unit within that time period.

Please be advised NO products we sell are prepped for long term storage, unless specified in writing at the time of placing the order. Everything sold is for immediate installation within 30 days. Any item not installed within 30 days will also void it's warranty.

When calling in an order, please have your part numbers ready. The ladies on the phone are there to take orders with the numbers you give us. They are NOT mechanics,  technicians nor application engineers. If you need application assistance, please email us at tech@ssdieselsupply.com

DISCLAIMER: SSDiesel Supply under no circumstance will be held liable for consequential damage(s) to vehicle or other components affected by a part failure. SSDiesel Supply will not be responsible for loss of vehicle use, and will be held harmless in the event of personal injury resulting from any failures. SSDiesel Supply is not responsible for any and all labor involved in replacing the defective part by the customer or customer’s agent. Warranty excludes damage of any kind caused by abuse or damage caused by improper installation or contamination. Wear of any type is also excluded. Wear is not a defect. Any part used on a different vehicle or for other then its intended described purpose, is at your own risk and voids any and all warranty. SSDiesel Supply will nit be held responsible for delays on special/factory order items such as engines, chips or ECMs and delays are not grounds for cancellation.



SSDiesel Supply will only accept returns for exchange. 

a) if the item was shipped incorrect by SSDiesel. We will exchange promptly and at no charge to you.

b) If you made a mistake and ordered the wrong part, we will gladly exchange it with the correct part but shipping charges will apply.

c) If the item is defective, the rules of our warranty policy will apply.

To exchange an item you must contact us by email (only). Please write to sales@ssdieselsupply.com Items returned without an RMA will be returned to sender or discarded.

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE INSTALLER to check to see if the correct part was received BEFORE attemting to install. Installed parts CANNOT be exchanged. Also, If the installer tries to make the wrong part fit and causes damage to the item purchased, it cannot be returned for exchange. As the saying goes, "you break it, you own it".

We make and/or sell top quality specialized diesel engine parts, not socks or pillowcases, and therefore we do not accept returns for any other reason. Returns are for exchange only, not refuind.



To make any CHANGES to an order you must call customer service before noon EST the same day (716-874-6900). If the order has already shipped, rules of our return policy will then apply.

To CANCEL an order before it ships, you MUST contact sales@ssdieselsupply.com. SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ENGINES, TURBOS, INJECTION PUMPS, HEADS AND CUSTOM MADE PARTS SUCH AS SSD-CHIPS AND ECM UPGRADES AND WICKED WHEELS ARE NOT CANCELLABLE MORE THEN 24 HOURS AFTER PLACING THE ORDER!! Be advised delays can occur on Special order and Factory order items especially during this pandemic. Approved canceled orders will be refunded by Company Check mailed within 30 days, less a 10% cancellation fee.



Any discrepancies or damage must be reported to SSDiesel Supply within one business day of receiving your order. DO NOT call UPS/USPS. Please first call us at 1-716-874-6900 to report the damage, then send a photo of the damaged product and box to sales@ssdieselsupply.com Please retain the item and all packaging for inspection by the carrier until we state it's disposition. 


Some items are sold on an "exchange" basis which means we need your old part back as part of the deal. In that case, you will be charged a "core charge" up front, until we receive your old part back. All cores (excluding engines) must be returned to our published address marked "Attn: Core Return Dept." and accompanied by the core return slip and copy of the original invoice/packing slip. DO NOT include anything else (like returns, etc) in the box addressed to the core dept. except cores or they will be lost forever. Cores must be in rebuildable condition, complete, no broken or missing parts and assembled. A "box of parts" is not an acceptable core and will be returned to you. For injection pumps and turbos, the shaft must spin by hand with light resistance. There can be no evidence of tampering or disassembly including missing soft plugs, broken seals or modification to any wiring harness.

Engines must be assembled and contain all parts. Core engines must have all fuel, coolant and oil drained from the engine in accordance with Federal transportation regulations. When you have the core engine secured to the original shipping skid, please call us to arrange pick-up. DO NOT ship back on your own, it will not be accepted. The driver will assign a tracking number (called a pro number) and leave you a receipt. That receipt handed to you by the driver is your only proof the core was returned. Please do not lose that receipt.

Cores must be of same model as item purchased. Examples are if you buy a GM-8 Turbo, a GM-8 Turbo must be returned for core deposit refund. If you buy a 4911 injection pump, a 4911 must be returned for core deposit refund.

Core chips and ECMs returned must be from the same vehicle and will be confirmed. Cores with altered or removed model/serial tags are not acceptable. If its memory is damaged, or ability to be re-burned is compromised, it will not be accepted and the deposit will be forfeited.

Model/serial number tags must be still attached. ALL CORES MUST BE RETURNED WITH A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL PACKING SLIP/INVOICE, AND A COMPLETED AND SIGNED CORE RETURN SLIP. CORES RETURNED WITH NO IDENTIFICATION WILL BE REFUSED AND NO CREDIT ISSUED. Ship prepaid via a commercial carrier such as UPS or Fedex. Return is the customer responsibility. COD shipments will not be accepted. DO NOT ship via the US or Canadian Postal Service, as they will not be accepted. Cores reeived with no paperwork will be returned to sender!

Cores must be relatively clean. Please take 5 minutes to wipe down the core. Any core returned deemed to be excessively dirty will be assessed a $25 cleaning fee.

Cores meeting the above criteria returned to SSD within 30 days of date purchased are eligible for 100% deposit return, issued by company check mailed in 30 days of us receiving the core. Cores received 31-60 days from date of purchase, refund will be given as store-credit for a future purchase only. Cores received after 60 days will NOT be refunded and you will forfeit the deposit. Also, if any core is not returned within 60 days, any and all warranties on the product purchased will be void.

If you wish to check the status of a core you feel is beyond 30 days, please contact the core dept by email (only) at cores@ssdieselsupply.com and state your name, order number and date sent in. Please remember we only accept cores sent by UPS. NOT Fedex, NOT US Mail, for your protection. If sent by Mail or Fedex, it most likely will be refused and returned to sender.The core dept is open M-F 7am-3pm EST if you have any questions. Email:  cores@ssdieselsupply.com Please allow 2 business days for a response.

NOTE TO CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: For core returns, you must put a "commercial value" or "Invoice Value" of ZERO on the customs paperwork. If you list any value in these categories, Customs will think you are selling to us and charge us an import fee. You are NOT selling to us, it is a return. If we are charged an import fee from your mistake, the fee charged to us will be deducted from your core deposit. Only YOU can dispute the fee paid with customs since you are the shipper. You can "insure" for any amout desired, but "commercial or Invoice value" MUST BE ZERO!.



We ship with a NAFTA certificate to exclude from import duty, but other charges will be imposed in Canada upon delivery COD such as GST and PST taxes and brokerage fees. Our website shipping calculator will give an estimate of those fees. Those fees are out of our control, sorry. Please DO NOT ask us to falsify customs documents such as altering sale price or mark as a gift as that is illegal to do as we are a legitimate business and its not worth the risk.

There is no "next-day" guarantee delivery into Canada. We can ship the same day if orders are received by noon EST, but once in UPS' hands, we do not guarantee when it may be delivered as it is very common for delays to occur in customs of 1-3 days.

All customers picking up at our will-call counter must pay NYS sales tax, regardless of residency or citizenship. Again, please do not ask for a fake receipt to cross the border illegally with. We run an honest business.



See our Warranty Page


Attention California Residents. Proposition 65 WARNING

Some of the products sold through this website contain/maycontainchemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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