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Walt! Thank you for doing what you do! I'm a soldier stationed overseas, away from my 95 Tahoe TD that has been giving me problems most of the time I have owned it. Discovering your offerings on eBay and your website has been a god-send! I can now let...
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From: Brian S.
Walt, thanx again for every thing.the best of the best. Gustavo BsAS Argentina
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From: gustavo k.
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ALL ITEMS sold by SSD are warranted for one year (exceptions listed below) against failure from defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser. Warranty covers repair or replacement of the part purchased only, not refund!. Consequential damage is not covered by this warranty. Labor to remove and install is not covered under any circumstance. Our warranty liability is limited to not exceeding the original purchase price. An installed photo of the item in question will be required to confirm properly installed, so please do not remove until authorized by SSD. Items covered under warranty must have prior authorization and will be given an RMA # and instructions how to send in (see beow).

Items that are sold on an exchange basis require a core to be returned to validate the warranty. Warranty is void if the core is not returned within 60 days. Please read the core return policy below. No item we sell is prepped for long term storage. Warranty is void if not installed and operational within 30 days. We can prep for long term storage upon request.

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE INSTALLER to check to see if the correct part was received BEFORE attemting to install. If the installer tries to make the wrong part fit and causes damage to the item purchased, it cannot be returned. As the saying goes, "you break it, you buy it".


Effective immediatelly, all of our Made in USA PREMIUM HD FSD Heat Sync kits ssd-006 and ssd-001 purchased since 12/3/16 will carry a limited  LIFETIME WARRANTY. Units must be installed and maintained as per the instructions we supply, or any and all warranty is void. Use of an extension harness longer then 8 inches, voids any and all warranty. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement, only and after inspection of the returned product. Warranty allows one replacement per lifetime. Replacement may be a new or refurbished PMD. Warranty is to the original purchaser only, and is non-transferrable.  A photo of the PMD installation is required to process a claim. Removal of the PMD from the FSD Heat Sync kit voids any and all warranties. 

Engines and Cylinder Heads

Engines and Cylinder Heads are warranted by the manufacturer (parts only) for a period of one year against defects in material and workmanship from date of purchase. ENGINES ARE SOLD ON AN EXCHANGE BASIS AND YOUR CORE ENGINE MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 30 DAYS OR WARRANTY IS VOID.  Warranty is limited to replacement of defective parts only. Labor is not included. If a major defect occurs, the engine will need to be returned for warranty coverage. NO EXCEPTIONS! Defective parts must be returned for evaluation prior to replacement. If the engine/cylinder head temperature strip/dot indicates high temp or has been altered or removed, all warranties are void. Any un-authorized repairs will void any and all warranties expressed or implied. NOTE: accessories supplied with engnes such as pumps, manifolds, etc are warranted six months. We do not export engines. We can only ship to a US or Canadian address. The use of Black Diesel Fuel in any quantity will void any and all warranty.

TCI Transmissions

TCI Transmissions and accessories are warranted by TCI for a period of 90 days from date of purchase. For warranty situations please call 888-776-9824 toll free. Transmissions/torque converters must be returned to the factory for warranty repairs, not SSD.

Glow Plugs

Are warranted one year from date of purchase providing the glow plug relay is replaced at the same time, receipt required. Reason being is faulty glow plug relays are the #1 reason for premature failure.

Supply/Lift Pumps

Are warranted one year from date of purchase providing the fuel strainer ssd-1702 is replaced at the same time, receipt required. The OEM strainer has a built in bypass valve that opens when clogged, allowing trash to suck up and damage the pump. The #1 cause of failure.

Injection Pump and Injector

Warranty is one year from date of purchase, unlimited mileage. Warranty is void if a blend of Biodiesel or WVO is used exceeding 5% blend with pure diesel fuel, or any amount of Black Diesel Fuel containing ATF, hydraulic fluid or motor oil is added to the fuel. A code 370 indicates fuel contamination, also voiding the warranty. Warranty is also void if a PMD extension harness longer then 8 inches is used. An installed photo of the PMD is required to be sent to us, prior to issuing a RMA to send in. The PMD w/Heat Sync must be returned with the pump for evaluation. All pumps and injectors must be installed within 30 days of purchase or warranty is void. We can prep for long-term storage on request for a minimal fee.

Electrical items

Such as harnesses, relays, switches, sensors, ECONOMY/DRIVER GRADE PMDs p/n ssd-047, ssd-chips ssd-021, and all ECM's are warranted 90 days from date of purchase. PREMIUM HD PMDs p/n ssd-020SS sold individually have a one year warranty. ALL PMDs must be installed on our brand FSD Heat Sync (correct model for the respective vehicle) and installed and maintained in accordance with the instructions we provide. Use of an extension harness longer then 8" voids any and all warranty. 80HP ECMs and chips require a 4" exhaust and EGT & Boost gauges installed as a pre-requisite. Failure to install an 80hp without these items in place may damage your engine and void any and all warranty.

Induction kits

All SSDiesel Supply induction kit filter elements are covered under the manufacturers warranty for defective materials or workmanship for one million miles. If for any reason your high performance filter should fail due to workmanship or defective materials, the original consumer who purchased the Intake Kit must simply provide proof of purchase to be eligible for the warranty. In order to maintain the SSDiesel warranty, you must use the Service Kit ssd-880008D to service the filter every 6000 miles. (receipts or proof of service required) Also, the filter must be serviced according to the directions included with part number ssd-880008D.

Used Parts

All used parts are warranted 30 days, repair or replace only, no return. Customer to pay shipping. Used parts may have "cosmetic" flaws which will not affect the integrity of the item.

Scratch & Dent or Overstock Sale items

Items sold as "Scratch & Dent" or "Overstock Sale" are sold as-is, no warranty what so ever, expressed or implied, no returns.

How to return a part under warranty...We Can Help! Write us first!

Every effort will be made to help solve your problem prior to returning the part. Most warranty claims are not a defective part, but a mis-diagnosis. Prior authorization is required by email to return a defective part to SSDiesel Supply for warranty consideration. Field repairs will not be authorized or covered under any circumstance.

Use the warranty assistance page on the website to reach warranty support. DO NOT REMOVE THE PART UNTIL AUTHORIZED! We will try to determine if the part is defective or not to save us both a little time by asking you to do a few simple checks that will only take a few moments of your time.  Once authorized, you will be given a claim form with RMA#. Defective parts must be returned to SSDiesel Supply with a copy of the original receipt, copy of the completed claim form, and ship freight prepaid to our published address with the package marked "Attn: Warranty Dept." and with the RMA# written on the box. Collect shipments will not be accepted. Shipping inbound or outbound is not covered for International orders, AK and HI. Items repaired or replaced under warranty will be returned by UPS Ground to 48 states at no charge. If you request expedited shipping, you will be charged for that expense and it is not refundable under any circumstance.

Use a commercial carrier such as UPS or Fedex only. DO NOT return goods by the US or Canadian Postal Service, they will not be accepted.  Insurance is recommended as we cannot be responsible if lost or damaged on its journey to us. Upon inspection, SSDiesel Supply will advise status and either repair or replace the defective part, or return to you if no problem is found. Parts returned for warranty consideration found not to be defective, may be subject to inspection/testing fees. Please also provide a detailed explanation of the problem, including dates, mileage, and any pertinent vehicle history to support your claim. Abuse, poor maintenance, and wear are not considered warranty situations. Parts returned without the completed claim form and authorization as listed above will be refused or discarded.

TURBOS must have an 8oz sample of engine oil returned with the turbo to be considered for warranty evaluation. The use of a "spring gadget" or any aftermarket device installed without written authorization will void and and all warranties.

SERIAL NUMBER TAGS on turbos and pumps altered or missing will void any warranty!

Warranty is VOID if you disassemble, modify or tamper with any part! This should be common knowledge but believe it or not people still do!

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